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The Self-Belief Project 

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5 Activities to Boost Self-Belief in Kids


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Feel like you have tried everything, but nothing seems to lift their mood.

Want to know how best to support them when they feel down, or something bad happens.

Want your child to feel more confident, believe in themselves and have more fulfilling relationships.

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I am an MBACP Counsellor and Psychotherapist specialising in self-belief, confidence and relationships. I have worked with hundreds of children and families to improve self-worth and reduce anxiety.

Do you want your child to 

Feel proud of who they are and what they do?

Believe in themselves even when things go wrong?

Accept themselves and like themselves?

Enjoy activties and hobbies?

Have healthy, fulfilling relationships?

Download my 5 fun and engaging activities you can instantly do together to build connection, confidence and learn more about each other.

Connect, relate, and spark up interesting conversations.

Boost self-confidence 

Reduce anxiety and improve self-belief

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